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How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for a Nursery
How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper for a Nursery
  • Choosing the perfect wallpaper for a nursery involves considering various factors to create a soothing and visually appealing environment for your baby. Here are some tips to help you choose the right wallpaper:

1. Safety First:

  • Opt for non-toxic, eco-friendly wallpaper materials to ensure a safe environment for your baby. Choose wallpapers with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or VOC-free options to minimize potential harmful emissions.
  • Ensure Good Ventilation When working with adhesives, cleaners, or any other potentially harmful substances, make sure the area is well-ventilated. Open windows or use fans to improve air circulation. Clean up Properly After completing any wallpaper installation or maintenance, clean up any debris, tools, or materials to prevent tripping hazards and ensure a safe environment.

2. Soft Colors and Patterns:

  • Select soft, pastel colors such as light blues, greens, pinks, or neutral tones to create a calming atmosphere. Consider gentle and subtle patterns like polka dots, stripes, or simple geometric shapes. Avoid overly busy or stimulating patterns that might be overwhelming for a baby. 
  • Pale Pastels Choose pastel shades like light pink, baby blue, mint green, or lavender for your walls, furniture, or accessories. These soft hues can instantly create a serene and gentle ambiance. Subtle Patterns Look for wallpapers, curtains, or upholstery with subtle patterns such as delicate florals, soft stripes, or geometric designs. These understated patterns add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

3. Theme and Style:

  • Nature-Inspired Bring the beauty of nature to the nursery with a wallpaper featuring botanical prints, floral patterns, or serene landscapes. Soft, natural colors like greens, blues, and earth tones can create a calming and soothing environment. Keep in mind that your baby's preferences will change as they grow, so consider a timeless or adaptable theme that can transition with different stages of childhood.
  •  Dreamy Sky or Clouds Create a dreamy and tranquil ambiance with a wallpaper depicting a sky or cloud motif. Soft shades of blue or gray combined with fluffy cloud patterns can make the nursery feel serene and peaceful. This can create a versatile backdrop that can be easily paired with various nursery decor themes.

4. Texture and Material:

  • Consider textured wallpapers to add depth and interest to the room without being too overwhelming. Textured wallpapers can also be beneficial for sensory development as babies explore their surroundings. 
  • Embossed wallpaper features raised patterns or designs on the surface, creating a three-dimensional effect. This type of wallpaper can add texture and interest to a room, while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Metallic wallpaper can create a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere in any space. The shimmering surface reflects light and adds a sense of glamour to the room. It is perfect for use in small doses, as an accent wall, or as a statement piece.

5. Ease of Maintenance: 

  • Select wallpapers that are easy to clean, as nurseries can get messy. A wipeable or washable surface is ideal for handling unexpected spills or stains. Vinyl wallpaper is a popular choice for its durability and ease of maintenance. It is resistant to moisture, stains, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Vinyl wallpapers are also available in a wide range of designs, making them versatile for various styles.
  • They are resistant to water and stains, allowing you to remove any dirt or smudges without causing damage. The texture can help mask minor stains or wear, making maintenance less noticeable. This type of wallpaper is typically made from washable materials, allowing you to wipe away any dirt or marks with a damp cloth.

6. Gender-Neutral Options:

  • If you prefer a gender-neutral nursery or plan to have more children, choose a wallpaper that works well for both boys and girls. Neutral colors and versatile themes are great for this purpose.  Geometric patterns are a popular choice for gender-neutral wallpaper. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them versatile for various styles. They can add a modern touch to a room, or a more traditional feel depending on the design. 
  • Stripes are a classic and timeless wallpaper design that can work well in any space. They come in a variety of widths and colors, making them versatile for various styles. Vertical stripes can make a room appear taller, while horizontal stripes can make a room appear wider.

7. Coordinate with Furniture and Decor:

  • Consider the existing or planned furniture and decor in the nursery. Ensure the wallpaper complements the overall color scheme and style of the room.
  • Start by selecting a color scheme for your room. Look at the colors of your furniture, accessories, and decor to determine which colors would work well for your wallpaper. Consider using a color wheel to find complementary colors that will create a harmonious look. You can choose to either match or contrast your wallpaper with your furniture. If you want a cohesive look, choose a wallpaper that has colors that match or complement your existing pieces. If you want to create a statement, choose a wallpaper that has contrasting colors or patterns.

8. Consider Longevity:

  • Think about how the wallpaper will age with your child. Choose a design that can grow with them or be easily updated without a complete overhaul of the room.
  • Opt for wallpaper designs that have a timeless appeal. Classic patterns like stripes, damask, or subtle textures tend to have lasting power and can seamlessly blend with different furniture styles over time. Avoid trendy or overly specific designs that may become dated quickly. Invest in high-quality wallpaper made from durable materials. This ensures that the wallpaper will withstand wear and tear, maintaining its appearance and integrity over the years. Look for wallpapers that are washable and resistant to fading or peeling.

9. Sample the Wallpaper: 

  • Before committing to a full roll, order a sample of the wallpaper to see how it looks in the actual space and lighting of the nursery.

10. Personal Touch:

  • Consider adding a personal touch, such as custom decals or a mural that holds sentimental value. This can make the nursery feel more unique and special. Consider creating a mural that holds sentimental value to you and your family. This could be a hand-painted mural that tells a story or depicts a special memory. It could include elements that are meaningful to you, such as favorite animals, landscapes, or symbols of love and family. Hiring a professional mural artist or even doing it yourself can add a personal and artistic touch to the nursery.


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